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iPhone iOS4 Signal Strength Software Update

by Savan Thongvanh July 2, 2010

Today Apple announced that they’d be releasing an update for it’s operating system iOS4. The update is said to fix an incorrect equation used for calculating and showing signal strength. The fix is to be released in “a few weeks”. The update also contains a change to make the first few bars of the signal strength indicator taller and consequently easier to see..

Microsoft releases a litney of security patches

by Savan Thongvanh February 9, 2010

Microsoft today released a laundry list of security bulletins and patches. The security patches and bulletins released today covered an array of vulnerabilities ranging from bugs in it’s almost prehistoric MS Paint program to some core vulnerabilities.

Windows updater should pick up these updates if you have it enabled. Read more to see if you’re affected (you probably are).


Apple iPhone Security Update 3.1.3, time to re-jailbreak?

by Savan Thongvanh February 7, 2010

Yesterday Apple released what is now the latest update for for it’s iPhone. Now the current version is 3.1.3. Apple has gone only five months since it’s last update to 3.1.2.

3.1.2 fixed a bug that affected many people, including myself, that caused the iPhone to sporadically reboot. Will 3.1.3 be as helpful?

A cheesy iphone Ad made by Me.

Image by twenty5pics via Flickr


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