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Activision Prices Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack

by David Thongvanh March 15, 2010

Activision has released the price of their upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map pack, pegging it at 1200 Microsoft points, or $15 USD.

Activision Turns Infinity Ward Upside-Down

by David Thongvanh March 2, 2010

Breaking news: Activision has fired both the CEO and President of Infinity Ward, makers of the Call of Duty franchise. (more…)

Starcraft 2 Video Round Up

by David Thongvanh February 26, 2010

Last week the gaming world lit up with news that the StarCraft 2 closed beta had begun. The original game rose to epic status, becoming almost a national pastime in South Korea, and is still one of the most popular Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games on the market today–this in spite of the fact that the game was released in 1998. As sequel to one of the most played PC games in the world, StarCraft 2 has some big shoes to fill but early word seems to be it’s doing a nice job of it. Judge for yourself with some of these great matches. (more…)

2K Games Announces DLC For Bioshock 2

by David Thongvanh February 22, 2010

Developer 2K Games has announced its plan to release the first DLC pack for Bioshock 2 in March. (more…)

Bioware Announces New Character for Dragon Age Sequel

by David Thongvanh February 19, 2010

Bioware announces a new dwarven companion, Sigrun, for the sequel to their hit RPG from last year, Dragon Age.

Civilization 5 Announced for PC

by David Thongvanh February 18, 2010

I don’t know about you, but today’s announcement of Civilization V, the next installment in the award-winning simulation series from 2K Games, has gotten me excited for fall. Roughly 5 years since the last installment, the latest iteration is slated to overhaul the series, introducing gameplay innovations such as hexagonal board spaces, global matchmaking, and a new suite of modding tools.


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