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Nanoscale Fabrication Continues to Scale Into Realms of Awesome

by Jason Patocka May 3, 2010

IBM published impressive news of their ability to create complicated geographical replica of the Earth with features as small as 15 nanometers in last week’s issue of Advanced Materials. When you wrap your head around just how small fabrication methods are these days, its easy to see why there is much excitement in Nanotechnology. Yes, you could fit thousands of these maps on a grain of sand but these feasts of chemical engineering have potential far beyond building microchips.

Scientists Create Molecular Paper

by Jason Patocka April 14, 2010

Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt, Berkeley Lab Public Affairs

Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt, Berkeley Lab Public Affairs

Next to grilled cheese sandwiches and classic Zelda, building blocks were quite possibly the best creation known to childhood. I remember spending countless days sifting through a giant tub filled with assorted blocks trying to find the ideal piece. These days, my RSS stream is filled with news of labs building systems that scale our concept of blocks down into the realm of atoms and molecules.

US Nanotech at Inflection Point

by Jason Patocka March 12, 2010

Pathways for economic stimulus certainly aren’t in short supply these days.  Neither is global demand for insatiable technological wow factor.  That is why the field of nanotechnology holds much hype, mystery and promise. This buzz saturated field of research is drawing significant attention among investors, legislators, and even its fair share of mentions in pop culture. Now the field has even matured to the point where US nanotechnology policy is adapting to meet the forces of change.

Piezoelectrics? Yes Please

by Jason Patocka February 16, 2010

Battery life is the bane of most people’s existence, including mine. The good news is that there is certainly lots of buzz among materials engineers to develop something with greater capacity and efficiency than the ubiquitous lithium ion battery. Lewei Linat UC Berkeley is taking a different approach to extending battery life by using piezoelectric nanowires to generate electricity. For those of you new to the growing field of piezoelectric engineering, its where scientists and engineers are trying to develop novel materials that harvest kinetic energy. In other words, making a jacket that harvests electricity as a byproduct of your movement.

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