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Alien Vs Predator Swarm Pack DLC available March 18th

by Savan Thongvanh March 10, 2010

Happy St Paddy’s Day to all you AVP players out there. On March 18th Sega will release downloadable content for Xbox360, PlayStation3, and Steam!

The dlc will include four new maps and several new modes of play, it’s called the “Swarm Pack”. Here’s what’s inside:

2K Games Announces DLC For Bioshock 2

by David Thongvanh February 22, 2010

Developer 2K Games has announced its plan to release the first DLC pack for Bioshock 2 in March. (more…)

Resident Evil 5 Downloadable Content Hits Marketplace

by David Thongvanh February 17, 2010

Fans of zombie-shooter series Resident Evil rejoice as the first DLC pack for Resident Evil 5 hits the Xbox Live marketplace today with a release on the Playstation Network coming tomorrow. For under five bucks, you get access to a new scenario, exploring Spencer Mansion as seen previously only in flashbacks, as well as 2 exclusive characters for the online Mercenaries mini-game, each with their own weapons and costumes.

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