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Documentary Tackles Human Gene Patenting

by Jason Patocka May 17, 2010

If you think you have legal ownership of your genes, you might want to take a moment to sit back, queue this documentary trailer, and hit play.

Biomimicry Your Time Has Come

by Jason Patocka March 30, 2010

The American Chemical Society assembled its grand hive mind of chemists for the 239th time in San Francisco last week. Among the 12,000 presentations delivered across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, a presentation by doctors Tongxiang Fan, Di Zhang, and Han Zhou of the State Key Lab of Matrix Composites at Shanghai Jiaotong University highlighted a rapidly growing trend in chemical engineering. The group presented efforts towards designing renewable energy systems with a synthetic leaf, where the prototype would capture photons and use them to change water into hydrogen fuel.

Video Hoodies & Desktop BioFabrication

by Jason Patocka March 26, 2010

What do you get when you mix biotechnology with your Inkjet printer?

A lot of awesome that’s what.

H+ Magazine recently featured a great article on bioprinting, but its just one aspect of fabrication that is likely going to be an emerging trend in the early 21st century.  Gone are the days where you are stuck printing documents.  Now you will have the ability to print 3D objects, and even living tissues if you desire.  One day it might just fit on your desktop.

OMG Who Did Your Eyes?

by Jason Patocka March 23, 2010

Early 21st century convergence in cellular systems biology, bio-materials engineering, and regenerative medicine demonstrate exciting first steps in building functional organs.  Ultimately, these advancements would potentially allow disabled people to replace their prosthetic or faulty organs with actual limbs and tissue.  Visionary aspirations for this technology foresee an age of full blown bionics, where technology inspired by Neuromancer or Blade Runner becomes part of daily life, and helps cure currently untreatable diseases.

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